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Used cars can be great finds. They’re always going to be cheaper, and sometimes they allow drivers the opportunity to get something they never would have been able to afford otherwise. 

Like the guy in this video posted by TikTok user @bybtim (and boy did he find something special.) 

Click here to watch the video.

If he’s able to get that up and running, it’d be one heck of a ride. Here’s what the internet had to say about this one. 

TikTok user @17rooster76 was all for this, posting the comment, “Dude I hope it runs and drives. GOOD catch and GOOD LUCK.” 

While TikTok user @roachman05 made a suggestion about how to salvage the car, “The computer is the problem. You can dry it out and swap out everything else needed I would think. Good buy!“ 

But TikTok user @clintwalker571 was more apprehensive about that working, “Just because the electric seems ok now, doesn't mean the flood hasn't effected it in any way. Still awesome buy though!!”

With TikTok user @muk.the.duk posting a different suggestion, “Most cars sold with flood damage have a water line. If it doesn't you can dig around the vehicle and check for signs of water damage on the seats or plastic trim.”

However, not everyone was for trying to salvage this car, such as TikTok user @funnyguytae who wrote, “I never would’ve paid $34,000 for that vehicle. You have to be out of your mind.” 

To which TikTok user @twinslett70 chimed in in agreement when he wrote, “$34,000 gamble on a car with a totaled title.” (It’s definitely a risk, but it will be a great payoff if it works.)

Well what do you think? Will he be able to salvage it?

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