A few years ago, Audi did the unthinkable and finally brought the RS6 Avant to the U.S. While we'd gotten the RS6 before in sedan form, this was the first time it'd come to the States with the wagon body. It was an instant hit, with the entire run selling out. There's just something so cool about a fast wagon.

That's why, on Tuesday, it wasn't so shocking when a rumor surfaced that the RS6 wouldn't be the last hot Audi wagon coming here, with the more compact RS4 Avant set to join it. Like the RS6, we've gotten RS4s before, but never as a wagon. This would be a big moment. Motor Trend said that its imminent importation was slipped by an Audi AG employee, not one from Audi of America, during a product launch last year and that it was recently backed up by a source within AoA.

Unfortunately, when reached for comment, an Audi spokesperson said it wasn't true: "There are no plans to bring the RS4 to the U.S. market. Love the car but it is not coming." That's pretty definitive, and unfortunate. The RS4 would be rad as hell to have here. Even though Audi says it's not coming, it would make sense to bring it if the company decides to change its mind.

The current A4 is nearing the end of its life, and we already get the wagon body here with the A4 Allroad. Bring in a limited number of RS4s for one year only, make it an end-of-the-line sort of thing before all Audis go electric. It'd sell out just like the RS6 did.

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