Hoonigan, a channel more associated with the exploits of the late Ken Block, has been expanding its lineup, taking its 'This vs. That' show to Australia. The show features tuned vehicles in intense challenges and matchups.

In its most recent upload, Hoonigan organized a drag race battle between two heavily modified and powerful cars rooted in Australia's car culture. In the one corner was a Holden Commodore VF, aptly nicknamed the Burnout Monster, with an impressive 850 horsepower and a massive blower upfront. The owner describes it as a methanol-drinking mad-looking beast, equipped with an Australian-spec LS V8 engine.

Of note, the GM-owned Holden brand shut down in 2020. The Holden Commodore featured in the video rides on the same platform as the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. And fun fact, the Chevrolet SS that was once sold in the US was actually a rebadged Commodore.

Challenging the tuned Commodore VF and proving that displacement isn't everything is an import car, a Nissan Silvia S15, but with a surprising twist under the hood. Powering the S15 is a heavily modified Toyota 2JZ engine - the very same powerplant that powered the Toyota MKIV Supra. Paired with a NASCAR-spec transmission, among other mods, it makes around the same 800 hp rating.

Pairing a Toyota performance engine with a Nissan proves to be a winning combo as the modified Silvia was built to become a drift monster. The turbocharged 2JZ turns the S15 into an import that can most likely hold its own against the best that Australia has to offer.

Check out the video to find out which of these behemoths stand tall after a series of challenges set by the show - challenges that only Hoonigan can ever come up with.

This article originally appeared on CarBuzz: 2JZ-Powered Nissan Silvia Vs. LS-Swapped Holden Commodore: 1,600-HP Drag Race

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