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Vauxhall owner threatens to stop making cars in UK in net zero row

The car giant behind Vauxhall has threatened to mothball its UK factories amid a row over net zero targets for electric vehicle (EV) sales. Stellantis warned on Tuesday that it would be forced to close plants at Ellesmere Port and Luton, where it makes vans, unless the Government relaxed rules forcing manufacturers to sell a certain proportion of E...

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Using data from the Highway Loss Data Institute, compiled the most and least stolen cars as of 2023.

Driving Laws Nobody Knows

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A V-8-Powered Toyota Supercar Is Coming And Here's How It'll Be Created

More details are emerging about the production Toyota GR GT3 Concept, offering plenty of reasons for excitement.

2025 Cadillac Optiq Debuts As Compact Luxury Electric For The Whole World

General Motors’ luxury arm has just previewed the Cadillac Optic — which looks to be offering a tad more utility than the brand’s larger Lyriq EV. While it debuted in Paris, the model is to become a global model and suit the taste of luxury-minded consumers the world over.

Here's How Far A Smart Car Can Go On A Single Tank Of Gas

Smart cars aren't a common sight on American roads, but they were sold stateside for a time, offering its obvious compact form factor alongside solid mileage.

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The Nissan Z is the latest in a long line of iconic sports cars. I enjoyed the Z's twin-turbocharged V6, 6-speed manual gearbox, and retro looks.

5 Of The Coolest Saab Fighter Jets Ever Built

To many, Saab is known as a once popular automotive manufacturer, but the name is also attached to some of the best and coolest fighter jets ever built.

‘Why I ditched my Tesla for a 12-year-old petrol car’

Have you decided to ditch your electric car in favour of petrol? Email [email protected] Owners of electric cars are ditching battery power and returning to petrol as demand for greener vehicles drops across Britain. Range anxiety, a lack of public charging points and limited incentives are the key factors behind the dwindling desire for electr...

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True, Detroit is tearing down the old Packard assembly plant, but an essential piece of it now resides in the perfect place.

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Out with the Venza, in with the Signia – 2025 Toyota Crown Signia First Look

After two attempts, the Toyota Venza still couldn't resonate with shoppers in the compact to midsize crossover category, despite our positive sentiment towards it. So, it is being replaced by a new model in the #Crown sub-family called the Crown Signia! Longer, lower, wider, and more athletic in appearance, the Crown #Signia is hybrid-only like the existing Crown sedan, but will only be launched with the sedan's base hybrid setup at launch. AWD is standard, though, as is a pretty swanky interior that should be able to one-up the Venza. Let's take a first look at the Crown Signia in person! Get the full story here: For now, shop the #Toyota Crown sedan here: Crown sedan review: Find us on social media! 0:00 Introduction 0:39 Crown Family 1:00 Hybrid-Only! 1:24 Cargo Space 1:50 Back Seat 2:19 First Row 3:11 Final Thoughts

What Happened To The Chrysler Turbine Car? (And Why Cars Don't Have Jet Engines Today)

The Chrysler Turbine Car was one of the most iconic vehicles of the early 1960s, so what happened to it? Here's the whole story of what happened to jet engines.

Heavy-Duty Ford Ranger Could Wear Iconic Super Duty Name

A Ford Ranger Super Duty could be in the works. But what could it be? A larger and more capable Ranger pickup or simply a new trim level?

14 Meanest Looking Cars on the Road

Don’t mess with me! That’s what some cars seem to convey as they rumble down the street. These vehicles exude in-your-face attitude, be it their aggressive grille, sharp-angled headlights, or wide, muscular stance. And, if you crave a ride that turns heads, not for being adorable but for wickedness, you’re in luck, as we have the meanest cars lined up for you.

What Ever Happened To The Ford Pinto?

Nearly 45 years after being discontinued, the Ford Pinto has become something of an utter punchline.

The RS Q8 Performance Is Audi's Most Powerful SUV Yet

The truck's twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 is the most potent gasoline engine Audi has ever put into series production.