Rolls-Royce has been a prominent figure in the automotive industry for over a century, known for luxury, elegance, and style. The brand’s commitment to perfection is evident in every model it produces, including the Wraith Black Arrow. This latest limited edition model is a tribute to the company’s final V12 coupe manufactured at their Goodwood facility, as stated by CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos.

They have crafted the Wraith Black Arrow as a tribute to Rolls-Royce’s rich heritage while also commemorating the brand’s future. Prior to this, Rolls-Royce is taking measures to ensure that their grand internal combustion engines make an impressive exit rather than a feeble one. This luxury Car is a stunning tribute to the iconic vehicle that has graced our roads for many years.

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Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Arrow: A Sleek And Sophisticated Memorial

The Wraith Black Arrow honors the evolution of the Wraith with its commanding V12 engine and striking aesthetic. These bits were inspired by the Thunderbolt, an eight-wheeled vehicle that set world records in the 1930s. The Black Arrow is a commemoration of the Thunderbolt’s iconic design. Thunderbolt was exclusively engineered for land-speed-record pursuits, utilizing twin Rolls-Royce V12 engines.

The Black Arrow has a gradient coating that goes from Celebration Silver to Black Diamond, with Bright Yellow accents that seize the eye. The custom color scheme has been exclusively developed for this particular model.

The automaker claims that the vehicle’s glass-infused paint job is one of their most intricate, taking a year and a half to perfect. They used glass-infused “crystal” paint on the exterior. This paint creates a motion blur effect and highlights the smooth gradient between the two colors. Achieving the car’s exclusive paintwork involves many layers of paint and lacquer. All of these layers are carefully hand-polished to achieve a reflective finish.

The car has a commanding appearance that is further enhanced by black and yellow detailing. These details include the iconic Rolls-Royce grille, the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem, and the wheels. With a sleek and sophisticated look, the car is an undeniable masterpiece of engineering and design.

The Wraith Black Arrow Interior Is A Masterpiece Of Elegance

The interior of the Wraith Black Arrow is just as impressive as its exterior. The interior is a study of luxury and elegance. The cabin is trimmed in Black leather with Yellow accents, providing a striking contrast to the exterior finish.

The interior features elements upholstered in a novel material named Club Leather. This leather variant has a lustrous appearance and a deeper black hue. It provides a striking contrast to the matte finish of the Rolls-Royce natural-grain black leather.

They finished the door details, the door side panels, and the entire lower instrument panel with “Club Leather” in a brighter and even darker black. The Black Badge dashboard balances the deeper black Club leather, adding a high-tech touch of expertise to the car’s interior.

The cabin has luxurious touches like a starlight headliner, illuminated tread plates, and a bespoke clock. On the passenger side of the dashboard, they engraved V12 engine drawings onto a single sheet of black-coated aluminum, making it hard to miss.

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The Black Arrow Honors Thunderbolt's Land Speed Record

The Thunderbolt, a powerful twin-engine car that broke the land speed record in the 1930s, is the inspiration for the Wraith Black Arrow. Driving the vehicle, Captain George Edward Thomas Eyston broke records by traveling over 350 mph at the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats. A proud tribute to this achievement is showcased under the dashboard clock.

The car’s Starlight Headliner is a spectacle, featuring a roof lined with 2,117 hand-woven fiber-optic stars. The stars showcase the Milky Way and the constellations’ exact positions on September 16, 1938. This was the date of Eyston’s record-breaking feat on the Salt Flats in Utah. The car’s interior is a testament to Rolls-Royce’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Wraith Black Arrow Is A Limited-Edition Artwork

Under the hood, the Wraith Black Arrow features a 6.6-liter V12 engine, delivering a massive 624 horsepower. The engine cover of this Rolls-Royce coupe boasts a one-of-a-kind Bespoke plaque that declares it as the last model to ever have a V12 engine. The plaque showcases a vibrant yellow V12 monogram and the phrase “Final Coupe Collection” in bold black lettering.

Later this year, the electric Spectre will succeed the Wraith Black Arrow. The Wraith Black Arrow special edition by Rolls-Royce is an extremely rare model, with only 12 units produced globally. It is not surprising that they already sold all 12 units, which may explain why Rolls-Royce has not disclosed its price.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Arrow marks the end of a transformative era for the brand. The Wraith Black Arrow is more than just a car; it is a work of art. This exclusive creation is a great way to say goodbye to a car that has captivated Rolls-Royce fans worldwide.

Although the cost is not disclosed, the exceptional workmanship and robust build of this Wraith Black Arrow ensure it will withstand the test of time and not fade into obscurity.

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