• The 2006 Jaguar XJ Super V-8 showcased the brand's commitment to performance and luxury, giving BMW and Mercedes-AMG a run for their money.
  • With its full-aluminum construction, supercharged V-8 engine, and advanced technology, the XJ series made significant advancements in performance and comfort for its time.
  • The XJ Super V-8 offered not only exceptional performance but also an opulent interior, featuring premium materials, a spacious cabin, and cutting-edge amenities that set it apart from competitors.

Though the age of V-8 sedans may be nearing a close, the ones that were produced feature brawny power and innovative applications revolving around the top-of-the-line experience offered by such models.

Jaguar is a well-known British automaker with a long and storied history, with their origins dating back to 1922. Today, the iconic name produces some of the most luxurious and well-mannered sedans to ever grace the streets. Among the most highly regarded is the XJ series, with sleek speedsters like the 2006 XJR and premium luxury models like the XJ8L.

The XJ series featured a slew of new tech for their era, as well as enhanced performance qualities like advanced suspension and supercharged power plants. Simply put, Jaguar made leaps and bounds in terms of performance, luxury, and technology with each early 2000s XJ series release. This brings us to the 2006 Jaguar XJ Super V-8, a top-of-the-line luxury sedan with a powerful V-8 mill and all the amenities a high-class driver could dream of.

Not only did the 2006 XJ Super V-8 capture the luxury aspects that make Jag a classy contender, but it also doubled down on the performance quality and, rightfully so, gave BMW and Mercedes-AMG a run for their money at the turn of the century and the following years.

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The XJ Series Adopted A Full-Aluminum Construction And Supercharged V-8

Jaguar took their manufacturing to the next level when they launched the XJ series in 2004. The full-size luxury sedan featured a full-aluminum construction, including the body and frame, with borrowed aluminum suspension components found in the 2003 S-types. The 206 XJ also included the latest technology available, endless luxury, and premium quality materials.

The aluminum construction allowed the luxury sedan nimble maneuvering, while the advanced air suspension offered a smooth and refined driving experience. The standout feature of the XJ series in the early 2000s was the powerful 4.2-liter supercharged V-8 which made 390 horses in the short-wheelbase XJR, and a solid 400-horsepower in the long-wheelbase 2006 XJ Super V-8.

The torquey powertrain and six-speed automatic transmission deliver smooth acceleration and gear articulation, allowing the 2006 XJ Super V-8 to sprint from 0-60 MPH in 5.6-seconds, quicker than the BMW 7-series of the same period.

2006 Jaguar XJ Super V-8 Performance Specs



Top Speed

155 MPH (governor limit)




413 Pound-Feet

Curb Weight



Fronte-engine, RWD, 4.2-liter Supercharged V-8, six-speed automatic transmission, four-door, five-passenger, sedan

2006 Jaguar XJ gets 19 combined city and highway miles, squeezing out 15 MPG in the city and 22 on the highway. The lightweight construction allows the Super V-8 fuel economy that's nearly on par with modern luxury sedans.

But the supercharged mill and exceptional performance aren't the only standout features of the XJ Super V-8. Once you enter the cabin, you enter an opulent interior with a stylish and timeless layout. The interior boasts more leather than one could imagine, with plenty of fine wood accents tastefully integrated into the aesthetic to complete the classy, high-end environment.

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The Jaguar XJ Super V-8 Paired Premium Luxury With Performance

The long wheelbase of the 2006 Jaguar XJ Super V-8 offers ample legroom and overall cabin space that equates to a more comfortable experience, a swift answer by Jag to the previous model’s complaint of interior constraint.

The cabin's wood panels and shapes break up the leather-clad upholstery, including the dash, steering wheel, door panels, and rear fold-down picnic tables. Wood trim also makes up the gear shift knob while framing the console controls, further dignifying the interior design.

The 2006 XJ Super V-8 featured cutting-edge automotive tech for its time, all of which were largely unheard of in 2006 vehicles, save for Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

2006 Jaguar XJ Super V-8 Notable Amenities

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Multiple video monitors
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Navigation system
  • Front-end collision sensors
  • Alpine premium 12-speaker sound system
  • Heated front and rear seating
  • DVD and CD player in trunk

Amenities such as front and rear heated seating, quad-zone climate control, and power-adjustable front and rear seating with memory settings pushed the envelope of luxury in the early 2000s, setting a high bar among the competition including Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

The exterior caught some flak from buyers because Jaguar chose to retain the familiar features of the previous generation sedans, including the exterior styling and appearance. Some saw this design direction as Jaguar playing it safe, while other classic car purists appreciated the vintage contours and modern tech upgrades.

The 2006 XJ Super V-8’s body sports the classic Jaguar grooves with reserved action contouring, indicative of the British automaker’s professional design sentiments. The hood features the familiar contours found on the Jags of old, with the trademark quad-headlamps and chrome accented leaping jaguar hood ornament.

Though bearing little cosmetic flare, the stately presence of the XJ Super V-8 is commanding and boss-like nonetheless, with tasteful chrome accents and trim donning the exterior, providing eye-catching exterior accents in all the right places.

The XJ Super V-8 boasts a low, cat-like stance, with the long wheelbase complemented by a low-profile design demeanor and wide width. The unique and sporty stance pairs well with the improved suspension design, Jaguar CATS damping system, and lightweight construction, allowing the XJ to squat and corner better than most luxury sedans of its time.

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The XJ Super V-8 Helped Renew Interest In Jaguar

The 2006 Jaguar XJ Super V-8 combines the luxury and amenities of other full-size luxury sedans including the XJ8L and the XJ12 with the performance ability of the short wheelbase XJR, becoming what enthusiasts refer to as the total package. And though the XJ Super V-8 doesn’t boast the sport suspension tuning the XJR received, it still handles outstandingly well considering the luxury sedan is tailored for comfort and class.

Jaguar’s 2006 flagship luxury sedan proved that the British automaker was willing to charge into the future of automotive innovation while retaining the unique British character enthusiasts have come to adore. It's also credited for helping ignite a renewed interest in Jaguar from a public point of view. Today, the 2006 XJ Super V-8 often surfaces on auction floors, both in-person and online, as seen in this well-maintained example found on Cars & Bids. According to classic.com the XJ350 generation models carry an average price of $18,454.

And even though Jag has continued to improve its efforts, as they have since the days before early XJ models from the 1960s, the 2006 XJ Super V-8 remains a desirable and well-remembered model. Thanks greatly in part to the innovative construction and boundary-pushing powertrain, combined with top-tier luxury and British attitude.

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