The 2023 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show, starting at the end of October, will showcase future vehicle propulsion technologies as the conventional gas engine alone gradually falls out of favor. The exhibit is called the SEMA FutureTech Studio, and it is one part of the EV & Future Propulsion section that will be held at this year's event. The vehicles featured here will be in total contrast to the gas-guzzling beasts we expect to see at the SEMA Show Overland Experience.

While most casual observers may think of only fully electric vehicles as motoring's future, the exhibit will break down all the alternative propulsion technologies we can expect in the years and decades ahead, be it advanced hybrids, hydrogen power, and other alternative fuels. Various parts, equipment, and vehicles will be on display to bring these different technologies to life. Earlier this year, SEMA and its members communicated the need for multiple technologies to counter greenhouse emissions. The latest exhibit supports that view.

For several years, certain major manufacturers like Toyota have insisted that EVs alone will not feasibly reduce global carbon emissions from cars. Rather, a variety of greener powertrains must be used. Toyota has proven its point by having an EV (bZ4X), a hydrogen fuel-cell model (Mirai), and hybrids (too many to mention) on sale in the USA simultaneously. By expanding the future of vehicle propulsion beyond only EVs, the SEMA FutureTech Studio will showcase all the possible alternatives when traditional ICE cars are gone. The EV & Future Propulsion area will be made up of over 75 vehicles and more than 15 exhibitor booths.

"The automotive aftermarket has always been at the forefront of vehicle innovation and technology, and this new section will help showcase how our industry is leading the way in the creation of new engine and fuel options," said Tom Gattuso, SEMA Vice President of Events.

We're most excited about the advances in synthetic fuel and hope this gets sufficient coverage at the exhibit. After all, this is the only realistic way to keep combustion engines alive. Already, the official synthetic fuel partner to Porsche, HIF, plans to begin operations at an industrial-scale facility in Texas in 2027. At the Goodwood Revival, we witnessed 30 classic Porsche 911 models partake in the first all-synthetic fuel race.

But for all the progress made with these greener fuels, there are still barriers to overcome. Although the European Union will technically make e-fuels permissible once the 2035 CO2 ban kicks in, that only applies to cars that can't run on regular gas at all, creating many limitations. More recently, German transport minister Volker Wissing failed to attain the backing he hoped for from other countries when he wanted to promote synthetic fuel at the Munich Motor Show. As with EVs, we expect alternative fuels to have varying levels of success globally, depending on the needs and regulations of each region.

This year's SEMA Show will be held between October 31 and November 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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