Talking Cars 372: Driving the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid

Plus, how significant are the benefits of all-wheel drive?By Jen StockburgerMain theme: This week we share our test results on the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid. Previous testing revealed that the non...

We Drive Jonathan Ward’s Ridiculously Cool, All-Electric ’49 Mercury

This classic two-door cruiser could represent the future of customizing in the electric era.

When Animals Attack... or Snack on Your Car

Insurance claims can get wild, with a whole zoo of creatures out there ready to jump, fly, or chomp their way into your car.

Best New Cars and SUVs for Under $30,000

These top performers cost less than the average new carHyundai KonaBy Jon LinkovEven before the COVID-19 pandemic, cars were becoming increasingly expensive to buy and own. But the manufacturing ...

Dodge Will End Charger and Challenger Production With Seven "Last Call" Models

The end of the line for Dodge's twin flagships is nigh. Dodge plans to celebrate in style.

Dodge's 2023 Lineup Will Have Special Chargers, Challengers, Durango SRT Hellcat

Dodge revealed plans for seven special-edition Chargers and Challengers featuring Last Call plaques, while Dodge optimizes orders for Challenger convertibles.

Join a 4Runner driver as he documents Death Valley's recent washout

Whether you happen to live under a rock or, like the producer of the video shown here, get all your news from memes and car blogs (Hi, Matt!), you may not be aware that Death Valley experienced some uncharacteristically extreme weather earlier this month, bringing with it record-shattering flooding and all of the headaches that come with it, includ...

GMC Canyon Focuses on Luxury, Off-Road Performance for 2023

With updated suspension geometry and a modest lift, GMC's new Canyon lineup is made for venturing from the beaten path.

Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory made its 1 millionth car

Plant closures and other challenges didn't keep Tesla's Chinese factory from crossing a key milestone. As Electrek notes, company chief Elon Musk has revealed that Gigafactory Shanghai recently produced its 1 millionth car. As mentioned earlier in August, Musk noted that Tesla has made a total of 3 million electric vehicles to date. The facility ha...

Best All-Terrain Tires for Trucks and SUVs

These meet rigorous requirements for off-road performance, on-road ride-and-handling, noise level, resistance to punctures, wear, quality, and cost.

Looking back at 30 years of the Dodge Viper

We take a look at the full history of the great American sports car.

Porsche 911 Sally Special Heads to Monterey Auction

The beloved Cars character is the inspiration for this one-off Porsche that will be sold for charity.

Best Selling Cars For 2022

New Electric Car Tax Credits Are About to Radically Change Buying EVs

A number of EVs should become more affordable, but only after a "subsidy winter" when far fewer cars will qualify.

2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat With 710 HP Returns To SUV Lineup

Originally slated for just one year of production, Dodge resurrected the supercharged Durango due to popular demand.

Carvana is in hot water in Florida over title delays

If you live in Florida, the number of options for online car buying may be shrinking. The state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles filed complaints against online auto retailer Carvana, citing title delays as the reason. News Channel 8 reports that the state filed two complaints, one with 25 counts and one with eight. Florida officia...

2022 pickup truck towing guide

With Chevrolet releasing details of the electric 2024 Silverado EV, we look at which pickups can tow the biggest trailers.

Bentley Mulliner Batur Promises 3D-Printed 18-Karat Gold

Money may not grow on trees, but it can grow in a 3D printer, apparently.

Please Put This 20,000-RPM Cosworth F1 Engine in Your Car

It would be a near-impossible project, sure, but at the end, your car would have a 20,000-rpm Cosworth F1 engine.

Will Nissan Bring the Xterra Back?

38 of the most extreme modified cars

From Alpina to Singer, we round up some of the fastest, most exciting creations from the best car tuning companies.

2023 Dodge Challenger, Charger To Get Seven New Models, Heritage Paint

Dodge is also expanding the Jailbreak spec to include the SRT Hellcats.

How to Get Rid of the Musty Smell From Your Car’s Air Conditioner

It's actually a pretty easy fixBy Devin PrattFew things are as welcoming as a car’s AC on a steamy summer day. But what do you do when the air coming out of your vents smells like a sweaty sock?“...

Recall Watch: The Latest Automotive Safety Recalls

The latest safety recalls issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The post Recall Watch: The Latest Automotive Safety Recalls appeared first on

Dodge to End Charger, Challenger Production in 2023

The Hellcats are moving to the afterlife in 2023.

Dodge announces rolling Challenger Drag Pak chassis and more

Dodge has announced it's continuing to expand its aftermarket offerings with its Direct Connection factory parts offerings, as well as collaborations with SpeedKore and Finale Speed. Whether you're a drag racer or a custom builder, there's some exciting stuff coming out. For racers, Direct Connection will be offering a couple new ways to help them ...

Dodge Challenger Convertible Conversion Now Available Through Dealers

For $25,999, buyers can order a Challenger which goes straight from the factory to a third-party shop for a convertible conversion.

Aston Martin DBR22 Celebrates 10 Years of the Q Bespoke Division

This beautiful roofless creation is inspired by vintage Le Mans race cars, and a few of them will be built.

Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Recalled for Side Airbag Issue

The side curtain airbag may not prevent occupants from being ejected during a crash2022 Ford MaverickBy Keith BarryFord is recalling nearly 65,000 Maverick pickup trucks from the 2022 model year ...

San Francisco School Teaches Auto Restoration—and Hosts a Fantastic Car Collection

The Academy of Art University has an industrial design program offering an associate degree in auto restoration, while housing an impressive collection for inspiration.

EVs Are Going to Cost Jobs Across the Auto Industry

Like a poker player that has nothing to lose, automakers have gone all in on EVs in such a short span of time it’s almost shocking. No looking at alternatives, no studies, no gradual transition. It’s happening whether we like it or not. But there’s one thing many people aren’t paying attention to that’s going to be affected by all this: jobs. Business Insider reports that experts predict hundreds of thousands of jobs in the auto industry are...

No, Georgia, Golf Carts Are not the Green Transportation of the Future

People in Peachtree City, Georgia are pretty adamant that golf carts are a viable and responsible mode of transportation. Peachtree City is just a bit south of Georgia’s capitol, Atlanta, and Peachtree’s residents travel freely along 100 miles of golf cart paths. It has a population of 38,000 living among 13,000 households, but boasts 10,000 registered golf carts, according to Slate. If you live in Peachtree and don’t ride a golf cart, it’s...

The Honda CRX Si Is the Antidote to Modern Bloat

Things used to be so simple.

Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carriers for Road Trippers

Forget roof racks. For a more accessible way to stow your gear, check out these hitch-mounted carriers.

This Company Builds Brand-New Replicas of the Peel P50, The World's Smallest Car

When you think about the ideal small car, your mind might head to something like the Fiat 500, the Chevrolet Bolt or a neat little VW Golf. But these modern city cars look monstrous when compared to the world’s smallest car: The Peel P50.

Mercedes Pulls the Plug on its Metris Cargo- and People-Moving Van

Mercedes-Benz will offer its Metris for 2023, then it plans to pull the van from the U.S. market.

Pebble Beach Motoring Classic — Ultimate Collector Car Road Trip

Pebble Beach Motoring Classic Departs for the Concours. The post Pebble Beach Motoring Classic — Ultimate Collector Car Road Trip appeared first on

It Sure Feels Like a Car Loan Crisis Is Coming

There could be bad news around the corner as more and more car buyers are having difficulty keeping up with auto loan payments.

EV Tax Credits Will Reshape the Supply Chain

The latest round of tax breaks for electric vehicles could change where our cars are assembled, electric semi-truck makers are fighting to be the first on the road, and flight delays top pre-pandemic levels. All that and more in The Morning Shift for August 15, 2022.

2023 Dodge Durango brings back the Hellcat

Apparently people literally can't get enough of the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. The first round was a one-year run for 2021. That run got extended slightly due to the high demand. Now, Dodge says it's back because people were still asking for them. The specs are just the same as before, and still very impressive. Under the hood is the supercharged 6...

Redesigned 2023 GMC Canyon Goes Upscale

This midsized truck is positioned as a premium off-roader2023 GMC Canyon AT4XBy Jeff S. BartlettGMC has just taken the wraps off its next-generation Canyon pickup truck, following the unveiling i...

2023 GMC Canyon AT4X: First Look

Next-generation midsize pickup adds new trim touting off-road capability. The post 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X: First Look appeared first on

Check Out These Top-Rated Roof Racks for Your Crossover

Need some extra storage space in your crossover? Roof racks can be a great option.

2023 Dodge Challenger, Charger going out of production in style

Yes, you read that right, the current, gas-powered Dodge Challenger and Chargers are reaching the end of the road. Production will wrap up at the Brampton, Ontario, plant in December 2023. The good news is that the Ontario factory will be building something else in the future. The bad news is that, well, we're losing some charismatic cars. Dodge at...

Porsche Inks 25-Year Solar Power Deal at Atlanta HQ

The new solar panels will cover "a significant portion" of the facility's annual energy requirements.

2024 Audi S4 Avant Spied Riding Low With Quad Exhaust Tips In Full View

Internal combustion is still in full effect, but it could gain hybrid assist.

Aston Martin Reveals Ultra-Limited, Wide-Open V-12 DBR22 Speedster

Aston Martin revealed a new twin-turbocharged V-12 speedster dubbed the DBR22 ahead of its official debut on August 19 at the Pebble Beach Concours D' Elegance.

Lexus Electrified Sport Concept Will Debut In US At The Quail

Lexus will also show the 2023 RX 500h F SPORT Performance and a modified IS 500 during Monterey Car Week.

2022 Jaguar F-type P450 Tested: Late, Great, V-8

Before going electric, Jaguar gives its last gas-powered sports car an all-eight-cylinder lineup.

Ford's High-Resolution Headlights Could Make Night Driving Even Safer

This is the first time we've seen this tech from a mass-market brand.